RedisInsight is the successor to RDBTools! RDBTools will reach EOL on 31st December 2019

How to install RDBTools using AWS CloudFormation template?

RDBTools is a self-hosted administration tool for Redis, with a focus on reducing memory usage and improving application performance. This blog is a quick guide on how to install RDBTools using AWS CloudFormation template.

Step 1: Select your AWS region

Select your region and launch RDBTools using getting started.

Step 2: Create AWS CloudFormation stack

Fill the form to create stack.

  1. Stack Name - You can give any logical name to your CloudFormation stack, by default it is RDBTools.
  2. InstanceType - Choose instance type, by default it is t2.medium.
  3. KeyName - Select an existing EC2 KeyPair so that you can SSH to the instance.
  4. VPC - Select the VPC in which you want to launch this instance.
  5. Subnet - Choose a public subnet so that you can connect to RDBTools over http(s). This subnet must have network connectivity to ElastiCache.

Step 3: Open RDBTools

Once stack is created, you can navigate to Stack list and click on the website URL under output section in order to get started with RDBTools.