About Us

We at HashedIn love Redis. We’ve been working with redis for a long time now and over the years we’ve created a few tools to help us make the best of it.

We started with redis-rdb-tools, an open source memory profiling tool for redis that parses redis dump files (.rdb files) and generates a memory profile in a variety of formats. This was very well received by the open source community, and your feedback and words of encouragement has motivated us to build even more cool stuff.

We partnered with Redis Labs, hosted several Redis meetups, and continue to build a strong community around Redis. rdbtools.com is our vision of a simple but powerful solution for optimizing Redis usage to reduce costs on infrastructure. We’ve been using it internally to optimize Redis usage for our customers. Over the last few months we’ve been working feverishly to make it even more awesome and now we want to share it with the world. We hope you like it :)

Also in the pipeline are several other Redis-related tools we’ve been working on. Among these are redis-vis, an advanced visualizer for data stored in redis, and redis-sync, a tool that makes it dead simple to automatically export data stored in redis to a variety of other databases. Follow our blog for updates.

RDBtools.com helps you Find out exactly where redis is using memory. Search by individual keys, or aggregate by regular expression based key patterns.