RedisInsight is the successor to RDBTools! RDBTools will reach EOL on 31st December 2019
GUI for Redis

RDBTools is a cross-platform GUI for redis, with a focus on reducing memory usage and improving application performance.

  • Explore and Interact with your Data
  • Reduce Memory Usage
  • Monitor Commands in Real Time
  • Cluster Management
Built by the authors of open source redis-rdb-tools

Customers using RDBTools


Manage Redis Data via GUI

  • Scan Keys & Perform CRUD Operations
  • Reverse Engineer Java and Python Objects
  • Friendly Keyboard Navigation
  • Pretty-Print JSON Objects
  • Bulk Operations On Keys
  • Add New Keys

Redis Memory Analysis

  • Zero-Impact Offline Memory Analysis
  • Memory Usage by Key Patterns
  • Advanced Search to Identify Memory Leaks
  • Key Expiry Analysis
  • Recommendations to Reduce Memory Usage

Trace Redis Commands

  • Identify Top Key Patterns, Keys, and Commands
  • Filter by Client IP Address, Key or Command
  • Debug Lua Scripts
  • Works Across All Cluster Nodes

Intuitive CLI

  • Useful when GUI is not enough
  • Auto Complete with Sytax Highlighting
  • Integrated Help Documentation

Administer Redis

  • Real Time Performance Metrics
  • Manage Redis Configuration
  • View Connected Clients
  • Inspect Slow Commands

Cluster Management

  • Cluster Master Replica Overview
  • Cluster Rebalancing
  • Manual Cluster Resharding
  • Add Node to Cluster
  • Manual Failover
  • Delete Node of Cluster
  • Make a node Replica of Master
  • Cluster Health Monitoring & Alerts