Why's Redis Eating Up Memory?

Rdbtools analyzes your redis server and helps you reduce memory usage and improve application performance.

docker run -v rdbtools:/db -p 8001:8001 rdbtools/rdbtools:v0.9.10

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Rdbtools is available as a docker image that can run locally, on AWS or in your data center.

Rdbtools Quick Overview


Memory Analysis

Find out exactly where redis is using memory. With powerful filtering options and regular expression based search, you can quickly identify problems in your data.

Redis Memory Analysis


Rsbtools captures all redis commands and summarizes them so that you can identify incorrect application behaviour.


View Binary Serialized Objects

The data visualizer lets you view serialized objects in a variety of formats. Whether you store json, java objects, python pickled objects, protocol buffers or message pack, it will automatically be detected and displayed in the right format.


Visualize and Export Keys

Powerful export features, including joins, custom columns, ability to understand complex serialized objects. Export to multiple formats in an atomic and consistent manner.

Visualize and Export Redis Objects

Command Line Interface

Run commands directly on your redis instance using our rich CLI. Get inline documentation and command syntax support along with warnings for dangerous commands.


Data Browser

Build views on top of redis data with the ability to join across keys and create custom columns. Export data from Redis in a variety of formats.


Binary Object Viewer

Inspect json, java serialized objects and python pickled objects directly in Rdbtools. This lets you quickly identify incorrectly cached objects and reduce memory consumption.


Configuration Editor

View and edit redis configuration with the configuration editor. In upcoming releases, you can manage the configuration across all redis instances in your cluster.


Data Security

Rdbtools runs on your infrastructure, and you have complete control over security. We do not have any access to your redis servers or data.

No Proxies or Agents

Rdbtools is a web server, and it connects to redis just like a normal redis client. You do not have to setup any agent or proxy servers to get it working.

No Proxies or Agents

Rdbtools helps you find out exactly where redis is using memory. Search by individual keys, or aggregate by regular expression based key patterns.

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